The Stanton Radio CAB (S-CAB) is a hand-held wireless controller that allows a user to operate up to 15 locomotives on layouts with less than 99 locos.  It is battery powered, and includes a radio transmitter to send commands directly to radio-equipped decoders (LXRs) installed in vehicles, usually locomotives.

S-CAB is supplied as a package, which includes a loco receiver/decoder (LXR) and a USB cable. If its battery is already charged (it should be), S-CAB is ready for immediate operation. Just switch it on.

Additional loco receivers are separately available.

The Loco Receiver-Decoder

This is actually two circuit boards back-to-back in one package. On one side is a D13SR decoder, manufactured by NCE Corporation.


Radio Receiver

On the other side is a 916 MHz radio receiver and its antenna, manufactured by Linx Technologies.


Stanton Radio CAB

When the antenna is mounted vertically, the receiver-decoder is 1.9” long, 0.75” wide and the antenna stands 0.63” tall.

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  • With the loco receiver-decoder (LXR) installed, and S-CAB in hand, no additional equipment is required to operate the loco.
  • Existing equipment, either DC control or DCC, can be used for loco power.
  • Track voltages between 6 and 22 volts may be used, set at values suitable for the loco motor.
  • If a loco is powered from an on-board battery, track wiring is not necessary for either communication or power.
  • Commands sent by radio to the LXR are exactly the same as those sent through the track by a DCC system.
  • If already using DCC, new locos with an LXR can operate compatibly with conventional DCC decoders. The LXR ignores DCC track communications.
  • If already using DC control, locos with an LXR can operate using track DC power without changes of layout wiring. The DC voltage must exceed 6 volts for decoder operation and most likely should be greater (10 to 12 volts) for most locos.
  • S-CAB supports all DCC loco speed and function commands and can program important decoder configuration variables such decoder address, loco starting voltage, max. voltage, acceleration and braking rates.
  • During an operating session, S-CAB can manage as many as 15 locos, which may be added to the operating roster, when needed.
  • S-CAB’s direction switch and throttle slider are positioned to allow one-handed, one-thumb operation.
  • Speed control provides 28 speed steps.
  • The 2-character LED display provides visual feedback to guide operator input.
  • S-CAB’s internal battery charger uses 5 volt supply from a USB socket. No special power supply is required.
  • Radio range indoors and through walls is typically 75 to 100 feet.


Dimensions and Placement of the LXR



The loco receiver is 0.75” wide and 0.3” thick. With the antenna mounted flat, length is 2.5”. With the antenna mounted vertically, the circuit board can be trimmed to 1.9”.

Radio performance is similar with either antenna mounting.

For best performance, try to fit the LXR close to the loco’s roof and avoid placing the antenna beside the loco motor.

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