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Product Details - NSWGR LLV louvre van kit

NSWGR LLV louvre van kit
NSWGR LLV louvre van kit

Part No: NSW1KOI10



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The LLV is a twin compartment louvre van of which a total of 575 were built between 1951 and 1965. The earlier built ones had riveted underframes while the later ones had welded underframes. Commencing in 1958 a number of these were recoded TLV/TLX for use in the conveyance of tinplate. Vans built after 1964 were built with strengthened underframes and roller bearing bogies and were coded GLV/GLX. A number of earlier built wagons were similarly converted.

The kit has the welded underframe, making it suitable for LLV, TLV and GLV versions. The kit is supplied with 2BR bogies

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